Final Fantasy Vivi Wallpapers

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Final Fantasy Vivi Wallpapers
Vivi Orunitia, spelt in Japan as VIVI Ornitier, appears as the typical Black Mage of the Final Fantasy series. His surname in English has lent to some confusion since it also appears as Ornitier in the original English instruction booklet included with the game, but was later changed to Orunitia in the Greatest Hits version and other English publications (this does not include the European Platinum versions).

Vivi Orunitia first appears at the beginning of the game, and becomes embroiled in Tantalus's plan to kidnap Princess Garnet when he travels to Alexandria to attend a performance of the play I Want to be Your Canary. Being a Black Mage, he appears human however no facial features beyond glowing yellow eyes are visible, and the ability to cast magic. Despite being just nine years old, Vivi is incredibly powerful and mature for his age. He is however, extremely shy, which in addition to his awkward mannerism, add to a false sense of befuddlement which further serves to alienate him from society. With some encouragement from Zidane and Adelbert Steiner (who calls him 'Master Vivi' out of respect for his magical prowess), he joins the group and begins to search for the truth about his origins.

Black Mages are used in the Final Fantasy IX universe as "dummy" footsoldiers. They are mainly employed by Queen Brahne in her attempt to conquer the Mist Continent. The other Black Mages in the game are somewhat larger than Vivi and wear purple jackets rather than blue. Vivi desperately wishes to find out the truth about his origins and what his purpose is: whether he was simply created in a machine as just another soldier. The truth is revealed to him by Kuja and the Black Mages in the Black Mage Village later on in his adventures. Vivi learns that the Black Mages "stop" after approximately one year, somewhat equivalent to death in humans. However, a conversation with the Black Mage leader suggests that Vivi was the black mage prototype, which may be why he has lived to be 9 years old.

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Final Fantasy Vivi Wallpapers

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