Final Fantasy Zidane Wallpapers

Final Fantasy Zidane Wallpapers 1Final Fantasy Zidane Wallpapers
Zidane Tribal is the protagonist of Final Fantasy IX. Playful and flirtatious, Zidane displays little of the sullenness associated with previous Final Fantasy protagonists. Zidane has shoulder-length blonde hair and a prehensile monkey-like tail, as witnessed in game when Zidane hangs from his tail to evade Steiner. In trance form Zidane's hair becomes longer, and his clothing is replaced with thick fur covering his body. It is not revealed whether or not he has fur under his clothing when not in trance form. Zidane is identified as a thief.

Zidane began his life as an "Angel of Death" as a Genome on the planet Terra, having been created by a being named Garland. Due to circumstances, he was cast down to Gaia, and was adopted by Baku. He left home at an early age, becoming a drifter, a thief, and a womanizer. Zidane becomes involved in a scheme by Tantalus to kidnap Princess Garnet of Alexandria. The kidnapping was set up by the ruler of Lindblum, Regent Cid. The point of the kidnapping was to get Garnet away from Alexandria, and her increasingly warlike adoptive mother, Queen Brahne.

During the events in the game, Zidane slowly falls in love with Princess Garnet. Though he is separated from her near the end, there is a joyful reunion in the closing part of the game. Zidane has been confirmed as the hero representing Final Fantasy IX in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, where he will be voiced by Romi Paku in the Japanese version. He also appears in Itadaki Street Portable as a playable character.

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Final Fantasy Zidane Wallpapers

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