Final Fantasy Exdeath Wallpapers

Final Fantasy Exdeath Wallpapers
Exdeath is a powerful warlock, would-be ruler of a parallel world, and the antagonist in Final Fantasy V.

Exdeath was originally a single tree deep in the Moore Forest, which the people of that world had used to seal countless demons and evil spirits in for centuries, until about 30 years ago, when the tree developed its own sentience from all the evil it had contained and assumed a human-like form. After being defeated by the four Dawn Warriors (Galuf, Xezat, Dorgann, and Kelger), Exdeath was imprisoned within the first world, sealed by the power of the crystals, some 30 years before the events in the game. At this time, he shatters the four crystals one by one, just before the heroes are able to save them. After the fourth crystal is destroyed, Exdeath is released and returns to his (and Galuf's) home world.
Final Fantasy Dissida - Exdeath by M. D'Evreux.
Final Fantasy Exdeath Wallpapers

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