Final Fantasy Gilgamesh Wallpapers

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Final Fantasy Gilgamesh Wallpapers
Gilgamesh is one of Exdeath's generals, and a recurring boss in the storyline. He is perhaps most noteworthy for being the first recurring miniboss in the Final Fantasy series. Although high on determination, he tends to be incompetent and short on courage. He fights the party a total of five times, and the Genji equipment can be stolen from him. He has a winged underling named Enkidu, who only fights alongside him once, supporting Gilgamesh with the White Wind ability. One of the most famous moments with Gilgamesh is when he finds a sword he thinks is the Excalibur, but is in fact a fake known as Excalipoor. Over the course of the game, he develops from an enemy into a friendly rival, respecting the party's power and enjoying their battles. After being cast into the Void by Exdeath, he is encountered by the party when they too enter the Void. Bartz directs him to the exit and Gilgamesh nearly refers to them as "friends" even suggesting that when they leave the Void, they should go on some "spectacular adventures, just the five of." Shortly after this, Gilgamesh optionally returns (if the player touches the light and fights Necrophobe) and aids the party in their battle against Necrophobe, refusing to be remembered as a weak coward. He gives kind words and advice to each party member, then sacrifices himself to defeat Necrophobe (although it is possible for a powerful party to defeat Necrophobe before Gilgamesh appears, effectively making Gilgamesh survive).

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Final Fantasy Gilgamesh Wallpapers

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