Hello kitty costume - Military Patch

Hello kitty costume - Military Patch 1
Hello kitty costume - Military Patch
It was bound to happen. If you are in the military and are out patrolling putting your life on the line, you want to have the scariest uniform possible for the enemy to see. Something so damn scary that one look at it and the enemy hauls ass in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. There is only one thing in this world that can universally produce such a reaction, so it’s no surprise to see some soldiers in the military adopting the Hello Kitty military patch:
Hello kitty costume - Military Patch 2
Hello kitty costume - Military Patch
While the obvious reason that soldiers in combat are wearing Hello Kitty patches is to scare the hell out of the enemy, I also wouldn’t put it beyond the people of Sanrio to have begun to recruit their own army. It seems to me if there was a Hello Kitty gun pointed at you, that would be plenty of motivation to buy the evil feline’s stuff no matter what your views about her. It seems to me that it would be a very plausible Hello Kitty marketing strategy having lived in Hello Kitty Hell this long…

Either way, it pretty much shows that the world is coming to an end. When you have to resort to putting Hello Kitty on your uniform either as protection or as part of the new Sanrio military unit, that pretty much guarantees that things just aren’t right in the world.

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