Hello Kitty Computer - Case Mod

Hello Kitty Computer - Case Mod1
Hello Kitty Computer Case Mod
It’s not enough that Hello Kitty comes out with a new Hello Kittified computer every few months and more Hello Kitty computer accessories than is healthy for anyone that can still refer to themselves sane to have, but of course that is not enough for the true Hello Kitty fanatics. They have to go out and Hello Kittify their computer themselves like this Hello Kitty case mod:

The only possible reason a sane person would do something like this to a computer is if they live in the worst part of town and want to make sure that no matter how many times someone breaks into their place, the thieves won’t leave with the computer. Still, it’s a pretty damn heavy price to pay having to endure the nausea and headaches which surely come to anyone that must look at that thing for more than 5 minutes, let alone use it on a daily basis.

Hello Kitty Computer - Case Mod2

Hello Kitty Computer 1

Hello Kitty Computer 2

Hello Kitty Computer 3
Hello Kitty Computer

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