Transformers - Maximus

Transformers - Maximus 1
Transformers - Maximus
Fortress Maximus is a warrior without compare - courageous, valiant, powerful... and yet a fervent pacifist who wishes that he will never have to fight again. For him, combat is entered into only out of necessity, in the name of saving the lives of others. Leader of the Autobot Headmasters, Fortress Maximus's own cranial component can disengage and transform into the Autobot named Cerebros, whose head in turn is formed by the Autobots' human ally, Spike Witwicky.

In both robot and battle station mode, Fortress Maximus is a walking armory. Retractable pulse cannons, wrist-mounted twin automatic machine gun batteries, dual laser-guided mortars in his legs, two heat-seeking laser blasters and a fusion-powered photon rifle mean that in terms of firepower, Fortress Maximus is unsurpassed. In battle station mode, he is fully equipped with communication, detection and radar equipment, and an extensively-stocked repair bay to suit almost any Transformer. Additionally, Maximus can remote-control two vehicles, Gasket and Grommet, to supply battleground first aid or as combat units, or even to combine into robot mode as Cog. His stature denotes his strength, but also belies his speed - his bulk may seem awkward, but moves with ease. For all his mighty physical powers and abilities, though, Maximus's greatest asset is unquestionably his mind - his vast intellect and tactical knowledge make crafting an attack almost second nature.

As Fortress Maximus must divide his concentration among each of his many parts, his larger self is occasionally left open to attack - his automated defense systems are all he has to rely on should he be controlling Gasket and Grommet, for example. Beyond this, however Fortress Maximus has no known weaknesses.

First available in 1987 as leader of the new assortment of Headmasters toys, Fortress Maximus remains the largest Transformers toy ever produced, standing at around two feet tall. The Japanese release of the toy included the "Master Sword," a gigantic blade for Fortress Maximus, and a smaller version for his Headmaster component.

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Transformers - Maximus

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