Transformers - Energon

Transformers - Energon 1
Transformers - Energon
Transformers: Energon, known in Japan as Transformer: Superlink is the 2004-2005 Transformers toyline, animated series and comic book series, another co-production between Hasbro and Takara and a direct sequel to Transformers: Armada. It is also the first Japanese TF show where the Transformers are CG, (computer-generated, in a cel-shaded technique similar to the Zoids anime) which was a trend that would continue into the next series, Transformers: Cybertron. .

In this series the Transformer's big gimmicks are the Autobots' ability to combine with partners of the same size, the Decepticons' ability to use powered up forms, and the addition of Energon weapons and stars that can be placed on any Transformer. Mini-Cons, from the previous line, are still present, but all Mini-Con pegs are "dead", and do not activate a function on the toy.

Transformers - Energon 2

Transformers - Energon 3
Transformers - Energon 4
Transformers - Energon

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