“Harry Potter” actor dating Emma Watson

Daniel Radcliff is dating his co-star. Which one? How many he has?

Daniel Radcliffe is messing with magic, that even in real life he can leave the magic and is trying to cast a love spell on co-star Emma Watson. The two were spotted snuggling at a London bar on Valentine’s Day near the young wizard’s home. Emma is plays Hermione in the “Harry Potter” series.

Daniel – who is recently said to have broken up with his latest girlfriend, "Equus" co-star Lauren O'Toole – met up with Emma at a pub close to his home in London and onlookers report that romance was definitely in the air. "They arrived quite late at the pub - about 10pm - and sat outside, using each other’s bodies for warmth. Emma, who was wearing a black“Harry Potter” actor dating Emma Watson top and matching pashmina, kept looking over her shoulder nervously as if she didn’t want to be recognized", said an onlooker. Emma, who plays Hermione in the “Potter” series, was reportedly covering her head with a scarf in an attempt to avoid being seen.

"When people started to notice the couple and began pointing, she wrapped her scarf around her head so only her eyes were peeping out. Daniel found her new look hysterical and started laughing. Throughout the night, in fact, he just kept giggling like a love-struck teen", the onlooker added.

The two supposedly laughed the night away in the bar, leading to rumors of a budding romance. Then again, it’s the same bar where they’re shooting a new movie together.

Well, all jokes put aside now, it would be sweet if we suddenly had a teen star romance on our hands – it would be the British equivalent of Hollywood's top on again / off again teen couple, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. There is a good thing that Emma seems a good girl, and is not going to make a sex tape like Vannesa.

The actors spend so much time together that they decided to hang out for a while. But those hugs and kisses may say a lot.

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