Final Fantasy Steiner Wallpapers

Final Fantasy Steiner Wallpapers 1
Final Fantasy Steiner Wallpapers
Adelbert Steiner is the Captain of the Knights of Pluto, the only group of male soldiers in Alexandria's entire military force. Steiner usually has a massive frown to go with a grouchy disposition. Steiner is unusual amongst Final Fantasy characters, in that while the game allows the player to choose his name, the name the player chooses becomes his surname instead of his first name. For instance, if the player entered the name "Steve," the character would be called "Captain Adelbert Steve." This also makes him one of the only Final Fantasy characters to be called by both the first and last name given in the game's manual during actual gameplay.

Steiner always wears a full suit of heavy armour throughout the game, giving him a bulky appearance that is more silly than menacing. Clanking noises accompany his footsteps and his frequent fits of pique, in which he hops up and down to express his anger. His armour is often remarked on by others, such as when Zidane refers to him as "Rusty" early in the game. Steiner only seems to mind this once (though his armour never actually appears damaged or ill-maintained).

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Final Fantasy Steiner Wallpapers

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