Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper

Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper 1
Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper
In the film, Frenzy is small, and very thin, standing at 1.2 m (around 4 feet) tall . It is implied that he is also lightweight, given the ease with which a stewardess on Air Force One is able to pick him up while in his alternate mode. His alternate mode is shown as a silver GPX boombox, with round speakers and blue diode-lights. At one point, he is decapitated and survives as just his head, scanning a mobile phone belonging to Mikaela to continue his task. His weapons include a small automatic weapon on each hand and CD-like shurikens that fire out of his chest. His character is manic (living up to his name), sometimes comedic, and he is the only Decepticon with blue colored optics, rather than the usual red.

Although his small size makes him useless in battle against the Autobots, Frenzy proves irreplaceable to the Decepticons as he single-handedly found the All Spark and reported its location to the other Decepticons. The character is thus given a great deal more screen time than the other Decepticons. However, he constantly speaks in fast Cybertronian, and is often damaged in battle.

Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper 2

Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper 3
Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper 4
Transformers Frenzy Wallpaper

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