Transformers Blackout Wallpaper

Transformers Blackout Wallpaper 1
Transformers Blackout Wallpaper
Blackout transforms into an MH-53M Pave Low IV helicopter. According to screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, Blackout is the largest Decepticon, (while Blackout is about 33 feet tall, Megatron, visually, appears larger than any other Transformer in the movie) serving as transportation for the other group members. He is armed with arm-mounted Gatling cannons, an M134 gatling gun used on the Pave Low helicopter. And an energy cannon and missile launchers, and has the ability to disrupt electronic devices via EMP blasts. He is also able to detach and wield his tail rotor blades as a close-combat weapon and when out of vehicle mode his main rotors fold into two sets of three onto his back, giving him the appearance of wings. When in helicopter mode he can simulate the appearance of a human pilot, the same holographic model (referred to as "Mustache Man" on-set and in the credits) that "pilots" Starscream and "drives" Barricade. Blackout can carry Scorponok on his back, as seen in both the film and the game.

Transformers Blackout Wallpaper 2
Transformers Blackout Wallpaper 3
Transformers Blackout Wallpaper

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