FF XIII Screen

FF XIII Screen
Little is know about the story behind Final Fantasy XIII thus far, but Square Enix has dropped a few details about the prologue to the story of Final Fantasy XIII, and it's theme of determination, fantasy and futurism.

What we know is that there are two prominent parts of the world in Final Fantasy XIII, Cocoon, and Pulse. Cocoon is a haven from humans, and was created by one of the powerful crystals in the game. Cocoon is permanently air born high in the Clouds. Below Cocoon is Pulse, which is believed to be the entire planet, Square has merely referred to it as what is below Cocoon. Crystals in Final Fantasy XIII are beings themselves, with specific motives and plans, and are far superior to humans, it seems.

Nonetheless, while this specific Crystal (or possibly a couple working together), the one that created and maintains Cocoon, resided in Pulse, it is said that in determining the effect Pulse would have on humans, this Crystal decided what would be the best environment suitable for humans, and thus created Cocoon. It is unclear if humans existed before the creation of Cocoon. Cocoon itself is a highly advanced society in Final Fantasy XIII, still protected and maintained by the Crystal.

Even more broad is that a battle of the gods lies behind Final Fantasy XIII, but nothing more is known about this. In Cocoon, the citizens, and holy government, prosecute anyone in Cocoon who has been, or is believed to be, influenced in any way by the people of pulse, and are banished from Cocoon.

Even more vague, the a Crystal in Pulse, as a symbol of piece, chose the people of Pulse and determined their fate and led the world. Then she was chosen, Lightning, as the enemy of mankind who will destroy the world. This could mean that Cocoon plans to somehow destroy Pulse a la Kefka in FFVI, and Lightning is chosen to stop them, or it could mean something different entirely.

In the beginning of Final Fantasy XIII, all of Pulse is pretty outraged with Cocoon, and they organize an assault against Cocoon, or which Lightning leads. This leads to a quasi-revolution. It's said that Cocoons strengths as a fortress are susceptible to infiltration, which furthermore is frightening to the citizens of Cocoon as this could open up Cocoon to possibly falling from it's place in the sky.

The only other known thing is that the Crystal of Cocoon is influencing others fate as well, and choosing defenders for Cocoon, to compliment it's already established defenses. They are said to be called Rushi, and are out to defend the Crystal of Cocoon, and Cocoon itself, and to take down Lightning.



FF XIII Screen

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