Final Fantasy Edgar Wallpapers

Final Fantasy Edgar Wallpapers 2
Final Fantasy Edgar Wallpapers
Edgar Roni Figaro is king of Figaro, a huge flirt, and secret ally of the Returners. He is also the older brother of Sabin. In the Japanese versions of the game, his job class is given as literally "Machinery," but is more fitting as "Machinist", which the GBA version uses. Edgar's special skill, Tools, allows him to use tools found throughout the game to achieve various effects, most frequently inflicting damage on enemies. Examples of Edgar's tools include "Auto Crossbow," which inflicts physical damage on enemies present on the battle screen, and "Drill," which inflicts physical damage on one enemy without regard to its defense statistic. Edgar's critical attack is the aptly named Royal Shock, which blasts one foe with a heavenly light, looking vaguely like a scaled-down version of General Leo's own Shock skill.

When Edgar and Sabin's father died, neither child wished to inherit the crown. They decided to toss a coin, the winner choosing the future he likes. Edgar, however, used a double-sided coin to ensure that Sabin would win the toss. As Figaro's king, Edgar is publicly allied with the Empire, but secretly provides support and aid to the Returners. He fancies himself a ladies' man and flirts with every woman he meets, but seldom gets anywhere with any of them. In the World of Ruin, he is the second mandatory party member, after Celes and before Setzer. He appears in the World of Ruin disguised as a thief named Gerad, an anagram of Edgar; in the Japanese versions, Edgar uses the alias of Geoff. The blue on his outfit has been switched to a brown color. He disowns the player's party upon their first encounter in this world and maintains the disguise until he is attacked while breaking into Figaro Castle with his band of thieves.

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