FF Sabin Vigaro Wallpapers

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FF Sabin Vigaro Wallpapers
Sabin Rene Figaro leaves his royal heritage behind in order to train himself in martial arts. He is the younger twin brother of Edgar. In the Japanese versions of the game, his name is Mash Rene Figaro. In the Japanese and GBA versions, his job class is given as "Monk." Sabin's special skill, Blitz, can be used in battles to perform various martial arts techniques. They are executed by selecting the Blitz option and pressing a certain sequence of buttons, much like a special move in a fighting game. Eight blitzes can be learned throughout the course of the game, including Raging Fist, Aura Cannon and Meteor Strike. Sabin's hidden critical attack is called Tiger Break, where he charges one enemy with a flying knee kick, with a spirit image of a tiger's head surrounding him.

Sabin wins a coin toss, rigged by Edgar, to decide who would not inherit their father's throne. Leaving Figaro Castle, Sabin begins his martial arts training at the school of the world-famous Duncan Harcourt. Vargas, Duncan's son and student, becomes jealous of Sabin, believing Duncan would leave the school in Sabin's hands. Vargas attempts to kill Duncan and flees to Mt. Koltz, only to be defeated by Sabin. In the World of Ruin, Sabin is found in Tzen, using all of his strength to hold up a collapsing house, until the party rescues a child trapped inside. Having been given hope from finding one of the others, Sabin joins the party to search for their remaining friends.

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