Final Fantasy Celes Wallpapers

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Final Fantasy Celes Wallpapers
Celes Chere is a former general of the Empire, genetically enhanced and artificially infused with magic, making her the second Magitek Knight. In the Japanese and GBA versions of the game, her job class is given as "Rune Knight." Celes's special skill, Runic, allows her to absorb the next magic spell cast, converting it into magic points which she then absorbs. Celes is the only character besides Terra who can learn traditional magic without the aid of Espers. Celes learns ice spells, and status spells, both positive and negative, she will also learn strong spells like Holy, Flare and Meteor as well. Her critical attack, Spinning Edge, features her lunging forward, spinning violently with her sword pointed outward.

Celes was one of the two leading generals of the Empire, along with Leo. Accused of treason against the Empire,[37] she is imprisoned and tortured in the town of South Figaro, where she is rescued by Locke, and allies herself with the Returners. She proves her loyalty on the Floating Continent when Kefka gives her a sword with which to attack the player characters and she instead attacks Kefka. She flees with the others when Kefka moves the Statues, bringing destruction to the world. In the World of Ruin, Celes is the first character reintroduced, awakening from a year-long coma on an unnamed island, and vowing to find her friends to defeat Kefka once and for all. If the player finds Locke, he and Celes share an ending in the credits, during which Locke saves her from falling off a ledge. Otherwise, Setzer takes Locke's place.

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Final Fantasy Celes Wallpapers

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