FF Red XIII Wallpapers

FF Red XIII Wallpapers 1.jpg
FF Red XIII Wallpapers
Red XIII is a large red lion shaped character in Final Fantasy VII, like the other Final Fantasy VII, he start his appearance at Final Fantasy VII game. Cloud and the party firstly found him in Hojo laboratory on their journey in Shinra's Building to save Aerith from Shinra. He help and join Cloud's party from that time.Red XIII is son's of Seto, He firstly think that his father was a coward because leave the people at Cosmo Canyon when Gi tribe attacking and shame to be Seto's son, but all of that change after visit he visit Cosmo Canyon and knowing the truth from Bugenhagen that his father isn't a coward, but a hero. His father didn't run away but try to lure Gi Tribe, fight and finally defeat Gi Tribe by himself altough he was attacked by poisoning arrows and spear that turning his body into a stone. After that scenes he begin to realize his father truth and decides to follow Cloud party once again. Because he knows that his fahter is really a very brave hero. After Final Fantasy VII Credit roll over we can se that he Running away to the end of Midgards cliff and start roaring.

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FF Red XIII Wallpapers

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