Harry Potter Toys

Harry Potter Toys 1
Harry Potter Toys 2
Harry Potter Toys
Wizard Collection: Using the latest sculpting technology, the 11 wizard figures in this assortment reflect the actual actors' likeness from the movie, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Kids will be able to play out their favorite scenes from the movie. Each figure will come with a casting stone, its own unique wizard trick, and personalized accessories. With one special wizard, Quidditch Harry, kids will be able to take finger sport toys to a magical new level by putting Harry on a "Finger Broom" and fly him around pulling cool Quidditch moves. Other wizards within the collection include: Gryffindor Harry, Gryffindor Ron, Professor Snape, Headmaster Dumbledore, Slytherin Malfoy, Professor Quirrell, Gryffindor Hermione, Invisible Cloak Harry and Remembrall Malfoy. Each figure is packaged with an electronic Casting Stone, that can be used with the Powercasting Electronic Playset, sold separately.
Harry Potter Toys 3
Harry Potter Toys
Deluxe Creature Collection: The latest sculpting technology was employed to capture even the smallest details in these three deluxe figures that bring the gnarly creatures from the movie, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" "to life." Each figure will come with its own unique accessories. The huge Mountain Troll will come with a massive club and a breakaway sink for "smashing" action. Other figures include Hagrid and Fluffy-Bite.

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