Transformers - Rodimus Prime

Transformers - Rodimus Prime 1
Transformers - Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime is the upgraded, reformatted form of the youthful Autobot Hot Rod, and the Chosen One of Autobot legend who would rise from their ranks and open the Matrix of Leadership to "light [their] darkest hour", marking him as the new Autobot commander.

Although Rodimus speaks with the savvy voice of a seasoned veteran, in truth, at his heart, he is still Hot Rod, and bears the burden of leadership heavily, constantly second-guessing himself and feeling that he can never live up to the legacy of Optimus Prime. He can, on occasion, be hot-headed, tending to act first and ask questions later, but he has dedicated himself to the preservation of life in its myriad forms. He transforms into a futuristic recreational vehicle (resembling 1980 concept car, the Citro├źn Penthouse CX) and in robot mode, wields a photon eliminator that shoots high voltage electricity.

Rodimus Prime, like the other new characters created for The Transformers: The Movie, was designed for animation first, and had his toy and comic book design created based on these designs. However, as with the other characters, these two versions of the character were based on an earlier design, while his animation model underwent further modifications before being finalized; the basic differences between the two are the distribution of color around the body (notably, the toy/comic's red legs, which are grey in the cartoon), and the movie's use of dark magenta in place of red (although, in the third season of the cartoon series, Rodimus is usually colored maroon instead of the magenta seen at the end of the movie). In the same style as Optimus Prime’s toy, the Rodimus toy's trailer disconnects from the cab and unfolds into a battle station; in the animated series, this feature was not included, and the rear portion of Rodimus's vehicle mode is consistently (bar one anomalous instance) shown to unfold from his legs.

Transformers - Rodimus Prime 2
Transformers - Rodimus Prime 5
Transformers - Rodimus Prime

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