Winnie The Pooh Party

Winnie the Pooh parties are very popular with little kids, up to about 6 years of age. The characters are great fun to create a party around, and the Hundred Acre Woods is a perfect central decorating theme for your fun day.

We’ve organised a few Winnie the Pooh parties. Here are some of our ideas:
Winnie The Pooh Party 1
Winnie the Pooh Party
Create Rabbit’s Garden in your backyard for a treasure hunt. It’s much less messy if the carrots are paper and the soil is black plastic! Use some hardy cardboard as your white picket fence and don’t forget to put up some signs straight from The World of Pooh to make it authentic: ‘Rabit’s Garden’.

Play the old-standard “Pin the tail on the donkey” with a large cutout of Eeyore, making the tails out of grey and pink ribbon.

In one of my favourite childhood books, The World of Pooh, A.A. Milne writes about a party Christopher Robin throws for his best friend, Winnie the Pooh. Christopher sets a long table and the friends all have a grand picnic in the sunshine, under a shady tree. Take this as inspiration and host your party outdoors, even on picnic rugs and serve finger food inspired by pooh - carrots, honey sandwiches, beestings, cupcakes and homemade lemonade.

Winnie The Pooh Party 2

Winnie The Pooh Party 3


hWinnie The Pooh Party 3
Winnie the Pooh Party

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