Transformers - Binaltech

Transformers - Binaltech 1
Transformers - Binaltech
The Binaltech story was told through chapters accompanying the Binaltech toy releases, either in the booklet provided, or later, on the boxes themselves. There has been no official storyline for Alternators on any Hasbro material, though the American Mazda website cited the Binaltech storyline and the Nemesis Prime exclusive had a story featuring Dr. Arkeville.

While no fiction was written for the Binaltech Asterisk line, character profiles were provided with each of the three figures. These profiles do not specifically place them in the Binaltech universe, however they are also not incompatible with the story outlined in the main Binaltech line.

The KIss Players fiction was told through a series of radio plays in Japan, the recordings of which were included on CDs accompanying the toys. The Kiss Players saga takes place in a continuity separate from Binaltech, as it depends on the events of the original animated feature, in which Optimus Prime dies, Unicron reformats Megatron into Galvatron, and both are eventually defeated by Rodimus Prime.

Transformers - Binaltech 2

Transformers - Binaltech 3
Transformers - Binaltech 4
Transformers - Binaltech

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