New york premiere of the dark knight

New york premiere of the dark knight 1
The Dark Knight" is one of the summer's most-anticipated movies, partly because of the success of 2005's "Batman Begins" but also because of the late Heath Ledger's Oscar-buzz performance as The Joker. Fox 5's Julie Chang strolled the black carpet at the New York premiere and talked to some of the stars.

The King of the Opening Weekend has arrived! Breaking the record set forth by Spider-Man 3 with $151 million, The Dark Knight has grossed a total of $155.3 million over the 3-day weekend, making the latest Batman film to be the biggest opening weekend movie of ALL time!!!! It went on to break a record every single day of its' release. (See that coverage for full details.) It's fair to say a lot of people went to see this movie, as evidenced by the fact that many midnight screenings were sold out well in advance and some theater chains had to add screens, as well. It's a testament to actor Heath Ledger that his last full role had the chance to make it into record books, and it can continue to make records if he is nominated for a posthumous Oscar. Mamma Mia! scored in second place with an expected $27.6 million, thanks in large part to great counter programming and the fact that many of those same fans flocked to the Broadway hit over the years. Hancock continued to surge in third place, despite a sharp 56% drop, to earn an additional $14 million, bringing its domestic total to $191 million. Journey to the Center of the Earth took the fourth place spot with $11.9 million in its second weekend. Hellboy II: The Golden Army fell a very steep 71% to drop to fifth place with $10.0 million. My, my, how even the biggest of armies can fall!! The other new release Space Chimps tanked (as I knew it would) in seventh place with $7.4 million. Does anyone care about some dumb chimp when the biggest and baddest of villians are on the screen? It's a proven fact that audience's have not grown tired of the Batman franchise, based on the numbers for this weekend, so fully expect a sequel and if you paid attention to the film you can probably guess who the next villian will be. But, for now "The Dark Knight" hasn't outstayed its welcome. The lovely pall hanging over it is that Heath Ledger hadn't overstayed his, either.

1. The Dark Knight -- $155.3 million
2. Mamma Mia! -- $27.6 million
3. Hancock -- $14.0 million
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth --- $11.9 million
5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army -- $10.0 million
6. WALL·E -- $9.8 million
7. Space Chimps -- $7.4 million
8. Wanted -- $5.1 million
9. Get Smart -- $4.1 million
10. Kung Fu Panda -- $1.8 million
New york premiere of the dark knight
New york premiere of the dark knight 2

New york premiere of the dark knight 3
New york premiere of the dark knight 4
New york premiere of the dark knight

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