Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf 1
Harry Potter Scarf
It's plain to see that this is a stocking stitch scarf, probably a tube scarf. It looks like the scarf is pretty wide, and the stripes are not as tall as they are wide. So if you are making your scarf 6" wide, make the stripes about 4" tall to keep it in proportion. There is also fringe in alternating color bunches, about the length of a color stripe. I'm estimating the length of this scarf as pretty long, because you can see that Hermione has hers tied around her neck loosely, and it still reaches to about her waist.

There has been some discussion online about whether these scarves are the wrong colors. People are saying that they are "maroon and yellow" when Gryffindor's colors are "scarlet and gold." I'd like to point out the difference in color values even between the above photos, which were all taken of the same scarves. Everyone must keep in mind that different screens display colors differently, and so do different media types! Make the scarf the color you think it should be, don't try to match what you see on your screen, because when you see on the big screen, and when you get it on video and watch it on the little screen, you're sure to see a different color!

Harry Potter Scarf

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