Harry Potter - Death Eater

Harry Potter - Death Eater 1
Harry Potter - Death Eater
n the fictional world of the Harry Potter series, the Death Eaters were a group of wizards and witches, the chief antagonists of the Harry Potter series, led by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who sought to purify the Wizarding community of Muggle-borns. They alsoHarry Potter - Death Eater 2 tried to create a new order through the Ministry of Magic and caused fear through the Wizarding community by terrorising and killing important officials and their enemies, chiefly the Order of the Phoenix. Notable Death Eaters included Voldemort himself, Bellatrix Lestrange, Peter Pettigrew, Barty Crouch Jr., and Quirrell. Severus Snape, the Malfoy family and Regulus Black were all reformed Death Eaters.

Death Eaters recognised one another by the Dark Mark on their left forearm, a sign created by Voldemort to instantly summon them to their master. Typical work attire included black, hooded robes and masks, as seen in the film version of Goblet of Fire (skull masks and black robes with pointed hats) and Order of the Phoenix (metal masks and more elaborate robes).

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Harry Potter - Death Eater

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