Transformers Starcream Wallpapers

Transformers Starcream Wallpapers 1

Transformers Starcream Wallpapers

Due to his treachery and personality, he has become a fan favorite and has had many future characters within the franchise to bear his name, some of which share his desire to become leader of the Decepticons. Starscream has, at some points, had control over the Decepticons, but his actions usually lead him to being defeated, or overruled by the more powerful Megatron. Starscream makes no secret of his ambition to overthrow Megatron as Decepticon leader. He is more intelligent than the average Decepticon, ruthless, and cruel, but he is also unlikely to directly act on his ultimate ambition without assurance of conditions favorable to his ascension. He considers himself vastly superior to other Decepticons, and looks down on Megatron for being antiquated in his military strategy and tactics. Starscream believes that the Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute destructive force to defeat the Autobots, though, even when given the chance to strike out on his own, he is equally as successful as Megatron. Megatron frequently overlooks the potential threat that Starscream represents. However, Starscream often exhausts Megatron's patience quickly; violent-yet-brief verbal and/or physical conflicts are not uncommon between the two. Usually, these result in Megatron treating Starscream in a humiliatingly dismissive manner and in two cases actually resulted in his banishment: once to Guadalcanal in the South Pacific and once to a desolate asteroid in deep space.

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Transformers Starcream Wallpapers

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