Transformers Arcee Wallpaper

Transformers Arcee Wallpaper 1
Transformers Arcee Wallpaper
Arcee was initially set to be in the 2007 Transformers film, but due to negative fan reaction and to the fact that there was not enough time in the movie to explain the presence of a "female" in a robotic race, she was dropped from the script and replaced with Ironhide. Before she was dropped, her alternate mode was slated to be a Buell Firebolt motorcycle; concept art by Ben Procter can be seen on his website.

Even though Arcee wasn't in the movie, a motorcycle was used by Captain William Lennox to attack Blackout (although the bike was an Aprilia RSV1000R rather than a Buell). Arcee was also initially set to battle Blackout in the movie. According to the Hasbro movie toy's tech spec for Arcee (a movie toy was distributed), she received combat training from Ironhide.

According to the biography printed in the collected Reign of Starscream books Arcee was once a member of the Autobot science team who had to adapt her skills when the war broke out.

Transformers Arcee Wallpaper 2
Transformers Arcee Wallpaper 3
Transformers Arcee Wallpaper

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