Final Fantasy Terra Wallpapers

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Final Fantasy Terra Wallpapers
Terra Branford is the starting character of Final Fantasy VI. She's a girl of mysterious origins and was born with the power of magic. In the Japanese versions of the game, her name is Tina Branford. In the Japanese versions of the game, her job class is given as "Magic Fighter"; the GBA version gives her class as "Magitek Elite". Although Yoshitaka Amano designed Terra with blonde hair, the hair color was changed to green in the game itself. Amano has stated in an interview that Terra was his favorite character to design. Terra's name in the Japanese version was Tina, an exotic name for the Japanese but not Western people; when completing the North American English localization, Ted Woolsey changed it to Terra to keep the exotic feeling.

Terra is the daughter of the Esper Maduin and a human mother, Madeline (Madonna in the original translation). Her heritage as a magical being is the source of her powers. Terra was raised as a soldier of the Empire after Gestahl's forces attacked the Espers' home and captured several of the creatures. Her potential was quickly realized, and it's said that she destroyed fifty Magitek soldiers in a single exercise. When the game begins, Terra is wearing a Slave Crown that suppresses her free will and gives the Empire complete control over her. An encounter with the frozen Esper, Valigarmanda (Tritoch in the original US translation), in the mines of Narshe breaks the Crown's control over her, but leaves her as an amnesiac. She is rescued by Arvis, and later, Locke, both members of the Returners, an underground anti-Empire resistance movement, and eventually joins its ranks.

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