Final Fantasy Kefka Wallpapers

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Final Fantasy Kefka Wallpapers
Kefka Palazzo is a colorful, misanthropic madman and the game's central antagonist, dressed as a colorful Pedrolino. Kefka serves as Emperor Gestahl's Court Mage and was the first volunteer for an experimental Magitek infusion, under the supervision of Cid. The process was still flawed, and although Kefka gained the ability to wield magic, it warped his mind and made him into the nihilistic psychopath he is during the course of the game. He is also a rank coward, running from almost all in-game fights involving him, or employing Imperial Soldiers or illusions to fight for him.

It was Kefka who forced the Slave Crown upon Terra and used her to lead an attack on Narshe to claim the frozen Esper. Kefka also appears at the Magitek Research Facility, where the party observes his physical abuse of weakened Espers whose power he had drained. During a siege battle, Kefka grows impatient with General Leo and poisons Doma's drinking water behind his back, resulting in mass casualties and a swift victory for the Empire. Citing the poisoning of Doma, Gestahl eventually has Kefka imprisoned, but a plot twist later revealed this to be a ploy to gain the Returners' trust; Kefka later goes to Thamasa to seize Magicite from the Espers congregated there under the orders of Emperor Gestahl. When the honorable General Leo tries to intervene, Kefka deceives him by employing a shadow of himself, and then he backstabs and kills Leo while posing as Gestahl.
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Final Fantasy Kefka Wallpapers

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