Final Fantasy Jenova Wallpapers

Final Fantasy Jenova Wallpapers 1.jpg
Final Fantasy Jenova Wallpapers
Genova is a creature from outer space, It come with a meteor to the Final fantasy VII world. That's happen long time before Final Fantasy VII event. At that time the population of the Planet dominated by Cetra, a human race who have incredible ability. Genova start to destroy the cetra. The last Cetra sealed it in the Northern Crater, when it finally found by Shinra Corp.Hojo together with Lucrecia Crescent do research of Genova and unrepresentative it as the last Cetra, Hojo inject the Genova cell to his unborn child on Lucretia Crescent Womb and that child is Sephiroth. Genova appear in a woman shape, at Final Fantasy series although it's still unknown until this time. Sephiroth take it's head in Nibelheim mako reactor, before he beaten by Cloud and falling down into Lifestream together with Genova head.

Final Fantasy Jenova Wallpapers 2Final Fantasy Jenova Wallpapers 4.jpg
Final Fantasy Jenova Wallpapers

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